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AUDIO SLIDESHOW: Lean Times in the Arctic Circle

image of Jaime Bedrin

Importing food all the way to Kotzebue, Alaska, a village inside the Arctic Circle, isn't exactly cheap. So the locals eat local, consuming everything from seals and moose to whales and Arctic cod. But as temperatures warm, threatening those same animals, people living in Arctic regions are losing their traditional food sources. OnEarth contributing editor Bruce Barcott visited Kotzebue for his Spring 2011 cover story "Arctic Fever" and learned about the importance of local food to some of our nation's most northerly residents. He discusses those lessons in an interview with Jaime Bedrin, accompanied by photos from Corey Arnold.

image of Jaime Bedrin
Jaime Bedrin is a freelance journalist with experience in TV, print, and radio. She spent five years as a reporter/host at the public radio station in Charlotte, N.C., (and also wrote a beauty products column for the local paper), and was a fill-in h... READ MORE >
Time to build greenhouses and go vegan. The animals are not here for our consumption. I have been vegan for 6 years and I live very happily and healthy. There are many olympic athletes that are vegan. It is time we took care of each other, including our animals and started living realistically instead of selfishly before we cannot live here at all. Think of other people and beings first before thinking of yourself. When any species dies off, the ecosystem becomes a little more out of balance. There is more, this is just touching on it, but start with the greenhouses. Leave the creatures be.