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Cities & Transportation

Eight graphs show us how climate change is making the world more dangerous.
A new book evaluates whether natural gas is a 'transitional fuel' to a low-carbon future—or perhaps, more like a methadone addiction that's tearing apart rural communities.
How one rust belt city found the key to its rebirth: bringing nature and people closer together.
A new video series that depicts Americans living on the front lines of climate change zooms in on one of our favorite vacation spots.
What will summer be like in your city by the end of the century? (Hint: hot.)
After a serious spate of earthquakes in the Sooner State, another study points a shaky finger at the oil and gas industry.
The lingering effects of the polar vortex (yes, that again) may be keeping Chicago in a fog.
The Supreme Court affirms the Environmental Protection Agency's authority to curb greenhouse gas emissions (again).
A huge increase in crude-by-rail disasters is prompting some states to be better prepared for what’s rolling round the bend.
It’s pretty cool to have the president speak at your graduation. It’s even cooler when the prez gets fired up about dinosaur flatulence and climate deniers.
The World Cup armadillo mascot is really cute. Too bad it’s in a sudden death match against habitat loss. FIFA, an assist, please?
We've spent billions of dollars on dikes, locks, and levees in a vain attempt to subdue what Mark Twain called 'that lawless stream.' Is it time to let the river have its way?
Even in a community whose most famous building is literally made out of coal, leaders are seeking a new way forward.
In the wake of Monday's announcement by the EPA, it's time for some states to have the 'tough love' conversation they've been avoiding.
Turns out we might tend to think storms with female names won't do as much harm as those named for a man. That would be a dumb idea.
Professional race-car driver Leilani Munter refuses to slow down until she’s taken fans across the finish line—to a sustainable future.