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Nature & Wildlife

Tough EPA limits on mining in Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed could finally spell doom for a misguided mining venture.
How one rust belt city found the key to its rebirth: bringing nature and people closer together.
A new video series that depicts Americans living on the front lines of climate change zooms in on one of our favorite vacation spots.
The French graphic novelist Philippe Squarzoni presents a moral case for tackling climate change in stark black and white.
Think you know the current state of U.S. agriculture? Don’t go betting the farm until you’ve read this.
The lingering effects of the polar vortex (yes, that again) may be keeping Chicago in a fog.
The view from the air puts it all in perspective.
… And you can feed it—excellently—for a long time. So why, a new book asks, doesn’t more locally caught seafood end up on our plates?
Why, a man of the cloth wonders, do people of faith so readily exalt the symbols of creation over creation itself?
Thanks for saving a huge chunk of the Pacific, Mr. President! While you're at it, why not use your executive powers (and that handy Antiquities Act) to save these primo places, too.
A huge increase in crude-by-rail disasters is prompting some states to be better prepared for what’s rolling round the bend.
With its ospreys and eagles, its waving grasses and rich oyster beds, what could be more idyllic than a meandering stream in North Carolina? There’s just one problem—all that raw sewage.
It’s pretty cool to have the president speak at your graduation. It’s even cooler when the prez gets fired up about dinosaur flatulence and climate deniers.
Five takeaways from the government's new advice on eating fish.
The World Cup armadillo mascot is really cute. Too bad it’s in a sudden death match against habitat loss. FIFA, an assist, please?
Five lessons on how to save the planet’s most beautiful places from development by the big and powerful.