I was amazed at how many kids had never
seen a river before.

Jacob Napieralski, an associate professor of geology at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, discusses the fact that Detroit has buried more than 310 miles of stream channels since 1906. Cities that paved over streams and creeks now face problems from flooding and wastewater management.

2 hours ago

Mountains of trash are causing a public health emergency in Beirut. -

For sixth months the city's main landfill has been shut down, resulting in festering piles of garbage with nowhere to go. Lebanese officials want to pay a British company to ship the waste abroad, a costly and inefficient solution. Reuters

1 day ago

Bayer rejects EPA's request to stop selling toxic pesticide. -

At high doses, Belt, a pesticide used on more than 200 crops to kill moths and worms, also attacks invertebrates in rivers and ponds. Bayer contends that the amounts of its product detected near farm fields are harmless, and is now asking for a formal hearing to decide on the insecticide's fate. Reuters

1 day ago

Madagascar is running out of time to eradicate invasive toad. -

The Asian toad secretes a toxin poisonous to native birds, snakes, and mammals. About 4 million of the amphibians are on the island so far, and a new report warns if Madagascar doesn't take swift action, it'll be too late to prevent widespread damage to ecosystems and people alike. The Guardian

2 days ago

President Obama proposes a $10 tax on every barrel of oil. -

All that extra cash would be invested in a greener transportation system to help fight climate change, boosting American investments in clean transportation infrastructure by about 50 percent. The proposal will be formalized on Tuesday, though it already faces opposition from the GOP-controlled Congress. Gizmodo

2 days ago

Microplastics are bad news for oysters. -

Researchers put Pacific oysters in a tank with bits of polystyrene and found that after two months, the mollusks had fewer and smaller egg cells, less mobile sperm, and fewer offspring than oysters raised in plastic-free water. The study adds new weight to worries that widespread plastic pollution in the oceans is harming marine life. Nature 

3 days ago

He got caught red handed poisoning the children of Flint...There's no two ways about it. That's the headline here.

Representative Matt Cartwright of Pennsylvania criticizing Michigan Governor Rick Snyder during yesterday's House Oversight Committee's hearing on Flint's water crisis

3 days ago

Morocco will switch on phase one of the world’s largest solar plant today. -

The massive solar complex on the edge of the Sahara Desert will generate 580 megawatts of electricity, or enough for 1.1 million people, upon completion in 2018. Today King Mohammed VI will flip the switch on Noor 1, the first section, which will provide 160 megawatts. The Guardian

3 days ago

Environmentalists sue to block federal killings of Oregon’s wolves. -

Five conservation groups say that the USDAs Wildlife Services should use non-lethal means to control the predators. (The conservationists won a similar case in Washington State two months ago.) Wolves have only roamed the state since 2008 since being deliberately eradicated there by the late 1940s. Reuters

4 days ago

The world’s largest offshore wind farm just got the OK. -

The Danish utility Dong A/S is set to begin construction on Hornsea Project One off Great Britains Yorkshire coast. Once completed in 2020, the farm will generate 1.2 gigawatts of power. Bloomberg

4 days ago

Glyphosate is the most-used agricultural chemical in history. -

A new study finds that American farmers have gone through about 1.8 million tons of this milkweed-killing chemical since 1974. Worldwide, the number is 9.5 million tons—nearly enough for half a pound on every acre of cultivated land on the planet. That staggering amount becomes more worrying when you recall that back in March, the WHO said glyphosate is probably carcinogenic. Newsweek

5 days ago

Elephant poachers shoot down a British helicopter pilot in Tanzania. -

Roger Gower was killed while patrolling a wildlife reserve near Serengeti National Park. The tragic incident highlights the escalating tensions between poachers and the wildlife rangers working to save elephants from the ivory trade. New York Times

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