After nearly 4 months, Porter Ranch has finally stopped leaking methane. -

Southern California Gas Co. announced last night that the massive natural gas leak, which has been spewing methane since October, is temporarily controlled. Officials will now begin to pour cement into the well to try to permanently fix the problem, a process that could take several days. Los Angeles Times

18 hours ago

Don’t despair, people.

President Obama, speaking to supporters yesterday about the Supreme Courts decision to temporarily block the Clean Power Plan, expresses confidence that the carbon-cutting rule is on firm legal footing

20 hours ago

Australia is gutting climate change research. -

Larry Marshall, chief executive of CSIRO, the national science agency, announced deep cuts to the climate change programs this week in an effort to refocus on innovation. Scientists around the world have been quick to criticize the move, saying Australia will become isolated from other countries that are taking climate change seriously. Hear that, U.S. Supreme Court? Christian Science Monitor

20 hours ago

The thing that makes me most upset—sad, yes, but also angry—is that this crisis situation, which will last for decades in its impact, was completely avoidable.

Michigan Representative Dan Kildee comments on Flint's ongoing water crisis. Today the House passed a bill that will require the EPA to notify the public when lead levels in the water exceed federal safety limits.

1 day ago

Our impact on climate may last longer than our civilization has so far. -

A new paper argues that our focus on what global warming will do in the short-term is misguided. The group of climate scientists warns that the choices we make about fossil fuels in the next few decades could lock in changes that will continue to unfold over the next 10,000 years. Washington Post

1 day ago

It’s now illegal for French supermarkets to throw away food. -

A law passed unanimously by the French senate went into effect last week, requiring grocery stores to donate unsold food. The move is expected to provide millions of meals each year to hungry families. The Guardian

1 day ago

The Clean Power Plan is based on a strong legal and technical foundation...We remain confident that we will prevail on the merits.

White House Press Secretary John Earnest responds to the Supreme Court’s decision to block implementation of the Clean Power Plan

2 days ago

UN agency proposes first-ever international carbon standards for airlines. -

With the support of the United States and 22 other countries, the International Civil Aviation Organization has announced an agreement to cut fuel consumption by 4 percent in commercial aircraft built after 2028. The standards would reduce carbon emissions by more than 650 million tons—the equivalent of taking 140 million cars off the road. Climate Central

2 days ago

A new study says humans are spreading a deadly bee virus. -

The deformed wing virus is infecting honeybees across the globe. Researchers who analyzed the path of the pathogens spread say humans caused the epidemic by transporting European honeybee colonies carrying Varroa mites, the viruss main vector. New York Times

3 days ago

The East Coast could be a hotspot for sea level rise. -

New research, using simulations of carbon cycling, the oceans, and the atmosphere, found that under high-emissions scenarios sea levels in the Atlantic would rise much faster than those in the Pacific—especially along the U.S. eastern seaboard. Washington Post

3 days ago

I was amazed at how many kids had never
seen a river before.

Jacob Napieralski, an associate professor of geology at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, discusses the fact that Detroit has buried more than 310 miles of stream channels since 1906. Cities that paved over streams and creeks now face problems from flooding and wastewater management.

4 days ago