Flat paper gets recycled more often than crumpled. Why? -

Human brains wrongly categorize misshapen or cut-up paper as garbage. Improving signs, however, could help us choose the blue bin and put a dent into the nearly 25 million tons of recyclable paper getting trashed each year. Washington Post

12 hours ago

Prenatal exposure to air pollution affects brain development. -

A new study links common compounds in cigarette smoke, exhaust, and power plant emissions to reduced white matter and cognitive and behavioral problems in young children. The dirty air that pregnant women breathe is also causing autism concernsLos Angeles Times

15 hours ago

A Texas town is quitting fossil fuels. -

By 2017, Georgetown (pop. 50,000) will get all its electricity from wind and solar—and it'll be cheaper than relying on dirty energy. Slate

1 day ago

The U.S. coal industry lost 76 percent of its value in just five years. -

Stricter air pollution rules and gains from renewables and natural gas brought 26 companies and more than 200 mines to their knees. The decline happened even as the economy grew. On to cleaner pastures! The Guardian

1 day ago


I’m suggesting maybe as a state we use ‘atmospheric reemployment.’ That might be something the governor can get behind.

Florida Senator Jeff Clemens mocks Governor Rick Scott's reported ban on saying "climate change"

2 days ago

Precious metals are going down the toilet. -

Literally. Sewage contains enough gold, silver, and platinum that a city of a million people flushes about $13 million worth each year. Scientists say prospecting poo would save money, release fewer chemicals than traditional gold mining, and keep toxic metals from being flushed into the environment. The Guardian

2 days ago