The EPA says frackers use almost 700 different chemicals. -

The agency got its data on the mysterious cocktails drilling companies pump into the ground from FracFocus, a website backed by the oil and gas industry and used in just 20 states. So that 700 total could actually be an underestimate. The Hill

9 hours ago

The World Health Organization says glyphosphate probably causes cancer. -

The chemical—once classified as a possible carcinogen but then cleared by the EPA—is the most widely used herbicide in the world and the active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup. New York Times

11 hours ago

Mexico says it will cap greenhouse gas emissions by 2026. -

In preparation for the United Nations climate conference in Paris this November, the country also announced a strategy to reduce emissions 22 percent by 2030. A joint climate policy task force with the United States will work to help hit those targets. Reuters

3 days ago

California's pot farms are harming endangered fish. -

Federally listed species of salmon and steelhead trout need water from streams, but marijuana cultivation is guzzling it all up—and the ongoing drought makes the problem even more of a buzzkill. SFist

3 days ago

Flat paper gets recycled more often than crumpled. Why? -

Human brains wrongly categorize misshapen or cut-up paper as garbage. Improving signs, however, could help us choose the blue bin and put a dent into the nearly 25 million tons of recyclable paper getting trashed each year. Washington Post

4 days ago

Prenatal exposure to air pollution affects brain development. -

A new study links common compounds in cigarette smoke, exhaust, and power plant emissions to reduced white matter and cognitive and behavioral problems in young children. The dirty air that pregnant women breathe is also causing autism concernsLos Angeles Times

4 days ago