Hold on to your berets!

The Eiffel Tower is now a mini wind farm. -

The tower's two vertical-axis turbines will generate enough electricity to power the structure’s first floor. BusinessGreen

1 day ago
Ivory is Dumbo

China says no to elephant imports. -

The country has banned tusk shipments for a year in response to criticism that ivory demand from Chinese consumers is driving poaching in Africa. More ivory is smuggled into China than any other nation. BBC

2 days ago
Future Returns

Google makes a big bet on solar. -

The search giant will invest $300 million to support 25,000 residential solar power installations, allowing the firm to take advantage of tax credits and boosting its total investment in renewable energy to $1.8 billion. Bloomberg

2 days ago
Blooms Be Gone

A bill to fight toxic algae in the Great Lakes has passed the House. -

The legislation is in response to the Lake Erie algae (fueled by farm runoff) that made the water unsafe to drink in Toledo, Ohio, last summer. Cleveland Plain Dealer

2 days ago

A healthy planet and healthy people are two sides of the same coin.

—Prince Charles speaking to health experts at the Royal Society in London. We must treat the planet as we would a sick patient, he told them, or we may be writing its death certificate

2 days ago

He was very handsome like Clark Gable. But he did give a damn.

From the obituary of Ralph Nobles, a nuclear physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project and later led efforts to save thousands of acres of San Francisco Bay wetlands from development. San Jose Mercury News

3 days ago
DIY Ice Age

Got drought? Just make a fake glacier. -

A community in India's Ladakh region may have a stopgap climate solution: artificial glaciers to irrigate fields when streams run dry in the spring. Afterward maybe they can lend their 50-foot-high ice mounds to GreenlandThe Guardian

4 days ago
Threat Level: Green

KXL developer smeared environmentalists as potential terrorists. -

For years, TransCanada has reported to law enforcement (including the FBI) on the activities of opponents to the tar sands pipeline—and repeatedly characterized peaceful protesters as dangerous radicals or worse. Bloomberg

4 days ago