I cannot support high-volume hydraulic fracturing in the great state of New York.

—Howard Zucker, the state's acting commissioner of health, during a cabinet meeting today at which Governor Andrew Cuomo banned the practice of fracking due to health risks. A temporary moratorium has been in place since 2008.

16 hours ago
Do You Smell That?

Fracking pollutes the air and has been linked to birth defects. -

According to a report released today by NRDC (which publishes Earthwire), air near fracking sites contains elevated levels of benzene and formaldehyde, and babies born into homes with several drilling sites nearby have a 30 percent higher risk of heart defects. And if you think this is someone else's problem, you're wrong. One in four Americans live within a mile of an oil or gas well. USA Today

1 day ago
Survey Says...!

All this yammering about climate change is finally paying off. -

A new poll on how Americans feel about climate change found that a majority now believes: Climate change is happening (finally!), the United States should lead the fight against it (go! go! go!), and doing so will benefit the economy in the long term (oh...yeah...). The next step? Motivating citizens to vote accordingly. Washington Post

2 days ago
Thrown Under the (Cromni)Bus

What the new $1.1 trillion spending bill means for the earth. -

Democrats successfully blocked a number of proposed anti-environment measures from making it into the final version. But overall, the so-called "cromnibus" bill gives serious short shrift to environmental policy by slashing the EPA's budget by more than $60 milllion, blocking regulations on gassy cows (the primary source of methane emissions), and barring protections for the endangered sage grouse. New York Times

2 days ago
News Break

Negotiators reached a deal that would, for the first time, commit the whole world to reducing carbon pollution. -

The agreement at the United Nations' talks in Lima, Peru, gives countries six months to create plans for limiting their rate of greenhouse gas emissions, which would then form the basis of an accord to be signed in Paris next year. Delegates from 196 countries agreed to the arrangement, which—although significant—would still fall short of the limits needed to stave off dangerous global warming. New York Times

3 days ago
Pants on Fire

KXL fabulists and climate deniers vie for "Lie of the Year" award. -

Two environmental fibs made PolitiFact's 2014 top ten: TransCanada CEO Russ Girling's over-the-top claim that the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline would create 42,000 “ongoing and enduring” jobs (try 35 permanent jobs, Russ), and Louisiana Congressional candidate Lenar Whitney’s slick campaign video “Global Warming Is a Hoax.” Whitney lost her election—because remember kids, cheaters never win. Washington Examiner

4 days ago
United We Stand

Blue and red voters care about green issues. -

A new poll shows that 6 out of 10 Americans—including half of all Republicans—support cutting back on carbon dioxide emissions, and a majority from both parties say protecting the environment improves economic growth and creates jobs. (Too bad their representives in Washington don't seem to be listening.) Associated Press

5 days ago