Wildfires in Saskatchewan spark thousands of evacuations. -

About 5,000 people in the Canadian province have been forced from their homes since last week, and the government is now evacuating 8,000 more. Last year, Saskatchewan saw 193 fires—in 2015, there have been 569 so far. Reuters


4 hours ago

Can you imagine two years without having water?

Yolanda Chacón-Serna, a community organizer from Porterville, California, on the disproportionate impact the state's drought is having on poor rural communities

9 hours ago

The Solar Impulse 2 landed safely in Hawaii. -

The plane touched down on Friday after a nonstop five-day journey—both the longest solar-powered flight and the longest solo flight in history. Next stop on this historic round-the-world trip? Phoenix. USA Today

10 hours ago

The conservation of the environment is in our Constitution.

José Ramón Cabañas Rodríguez, chief of mission for the Cuban Interests Section in Washington, D.C., on concerns over the impact of incoming American tourism on Cuba's ecosystems

4 days ago

Climate change is an imminent threat to polar bears. -

You probably knew that already, but a new study by the U.S. Geological Survey has found that if greenhouse gas emissions continue at current rates, the species could see a population crash by 2025. Slate

4 days ago

Germany is shuttering five of its largest coal-fired plants. -

The move could help the country meet its goal of bringing carbon dioxide emissions 40 percent below 1990 levels in the next five years. The Guardian

4 days ago

Oklahoma energy companies can be sued over earthquakes. -

The state's supreme court ruled yesterday that a woman injured in a 2011 quake can sue the companies she says caused the tremor by injecting wastewater into wells. The decision paves the way for other suits holding the industry responsible for seismic activity. MarketWatch

5 days ago

UNESCO says Great Barrier Reef is not "in danger" (yet...) -

Despite leaving the ecosystem off its World Heritage in Danger list, the agency said the reef faces serious threats from climate change and pollution from farms and coal ships. UNESCO emphasized the need for Australia to ramp up protections before it reviews the matter again in 2020. Sydney Morning Herald

5 days ago

The European Union will limit emissions from mid-size power plants. -

The new rule, expected to get formal approval later this year, will reduce sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and dust pollution from about 143,000 plants that had previously escaped regulation. Reuters

5 days ago

Miami cut down mangroves for a boat show. -

Critics were right to be worried about the impact the International Boat Show would have on marine life in Florida's Biscayne Bay. To make room for the boats, city workers illegally ripped out red and black mangroves, which protect fish and prevent erosion and flooding, from 300 feet of shoreline. D'oh! Miami Herald

5 days ago

The United States and Brazil just became partners in renewable energy. -

As part of a new climate partnership, the two countries agreed today to obtain 20 percent of their energy from renewable sources by 2030. Brazil also pledged to restore almost 30 million acres of rainforest—an area about the size of Pennsylvania. The Guardian

6 days ago