Thousands of walruses are "hauling out" onto the Alaskan shoreline. -

This is the seventh time in the last nine years that these marine mammals have been forced ashore en masse because of dwindling ice in the Chukchi Sea. Mashable

1 hour ago

Californians cut their water use 31 percent last month. -

That comes out to 74 billion gallons less than Golden State residents consumed in July 2013, and exceeds governor Jerry Brown's mandatory 25 percent reduction for the second month in a row. (June's savings were 27 percent). Sacramento Bee

2 hours ago

European Food Safety Authority says neonicotinoid pesticides harm bees. -

The EFSA plans to reevaluate the current restrictions on neonic use next month. Environmentalists want stricter protections for pollinators, and the pesticide industry (surprise, surprise) is trying to get regulators to buzz off. Reuters

22 hours ago

Global sea levels have risen nearly three inches since 1992. -

NASA says melting ice and warming water (remember: heat expands!) are making sea levels rise much faster than they did 50 years ago, and it's likely to get worse. The oceans are on track to meet the high end of the United Nations' prediction of 0.3 to 0.9 meters by the end of the century. The Guardian

1 day ago

Thailand destroys its ivory stockpile for the first time. -

The country has long been a hub for the illegal trade that is slaughtering elephants into extinction, but now the government says it's ready to crack down on ivory trafficking—starting with the pulverization of more than two tons of seized tusks and trinkets. Discovery

1 day ago

Waikiki Beach closes after a 500,000-gallon sewage spill. -

A pumping station was offline for maintenance when a four-inch downpour hit Honolulu Sunday night, resulting in some serious sewage overflow. The "brown, fetid water" streamed out of manholes and into storm drains leading to the ocean. Health officials say beachgoers should stay clear until at least tomorrow. Reuters

2 days ago

I have lived in places ranging from by the ocean to the desert, and I have to say this is the ugliest place I’ve ever seen.

A one-star review of Death Valley National Park. Yes, even our magnificent National Park Service (which turned 99 yesterday!) isn't immune to the haters on Yelp.

2 days ago

Beef from conventionally raised cows contains more harmful bacteria. -

A Consumer Reports study has found that almost 20 percent of the country's conventional ground beef tested comes with a side of drug-resistant superbugs, compared to only 9 percent of sustainably produced beef—labeled organic, grass-fed, or raised without antibiotics. Time

3 days ago

Climate change could make German beer more expensive. -

A new study finds that extreme weather is increasingly hurting crops in Hallertau, a region in Bavaria that grows one-third of all hops globally. The storms are only likely to get worse, leading to costly measures to protect the plants and—the horror!—a pricier brew. The Local

3 days ago

Earth is on track to lose an India-sized area of forest by 2050. -

A new report finds that without new policies to slow deforestation, humanity will clear more than one million square miles of tropical forest—or one-seventh of the global total in 2000—over the next few decades, releasing 169 gigatons of carbon into the atmosphere. ThinkProgress

3 days ago

President Obama wants to bring sun power to the people. -

The White House unveiled new measures today to encourage homeowners to go renewable, including tax incentives for solar installations and an additional $1 billion in loan guarantees for those trying to bring carbon-free energy to the masses. The program also hopes to add 300 megawatts of solar capacity to affordable housing by 2020. Reuters

3 days ago

We really wanted to know what was on that train.

Robert Lipscomb, battalion chief of the Lynchburg Fire Department, discusses newly released documents detailing how firefighters had to wait more than two hours before they got any information about a CSX crude oil train that derailed and caught fire in Virginia in April 2014.

4 days ago