Veto Season

The White House threatens to nix two anti-EPA bills. -

The administration calls the requirements of the so-called "Secret Science" bill "arbitrary, unnecessary, and expensive" for the EPA. The other would make politically motivated changes to the agency's advisory board. Both would hamstring its work protecting the environment. This probably won't be the last time Obama whips out his veto pen on behalf of natureMSNBC

9 hours ago

I can’t recall a majority leader calling on states to disobey the law—and I’ve been here almost 24 years.

Senator Barbara Boxer, in response to GOP leader Mitch McConnell's op-ed calling on governors to ignore upcoming climate rules that require states to cut carbon pollution

11 hours ago
Ding-Dong the Bill Is Dead

The Senate fails to override the KXL veto. -

The bill approving the Keystone XL pipeline is kaput. Now KXL's fate lies in the hands of the president—who expects to make a final decision in the coming "weeks or months." New York Times

1 day ago
Climate #Fail

Europe won't meet its 2050 emissions target, says EU analysis. -

The EU had hoped member countries could cut carbon emissions by at least 80 percent by then. The continent, however, is on track to meet its less ambitious 2020 targets. So there's that. New York Times

2 days ago
Sprawl Stall

New job growth is concentrated in city centers. -

After decades of jobs migrating to the ’burbs, the trend is finally reversing. That means shorter commutes, fewer cars, and more public transportation. Yes, please! New York Times

2 days ago
A Divided State

New York towns threaten to secede to Pennsylvania over fracking ban. -

Some communities along New York's southern border want to boost their economies by drilling into the gas-rich Marcellus Shale formation, which their Pennsylvanian neighbors are allowed to frack. A word to the wise: The grass isn't always greenerAssociated Press

3 days ago

We are accustomed to living off the land, but if we are expropriated, we would end up in the streets.

—Nicaraguan farmer Menardo Mairena, whose community may be forced off its land to make way for a $50 billion canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The canal—bigger than its Panamanian neighbor—would threaten the largest freshwater ecosystem in Central America.

3 days ago