Guadalupe fur seals are stranding themselves at an alarming rate. -

Some 80 emaciated fur seals have been found along the California coast so far this year—that's eight times the typical number. Researchers say high ocean temps are to blame for driving prey away, and El Niño could warm waters even more over the coming months. Christian Science Monitor

13 hours ago

India announces its climate change plan. -

The world's third-largest emitter is pledging to get 40 percent of its electricity from non-fossil-fuel sources by 2030 and cut emissions intensity (or the amount of carbon emitted per unit of GDP) by up to 35 percent. India is the last major economy to submit its targets to the United Nations ahead of the Paris climate conference. The Guardian

1 day ago

Mining and oil exploration threaten one-third of natural World Heritage sites. -

A new report finds that extractive industries are imperiling as many as 70 of the 229 sites—designated by UNESCO as having significant geology, important habitat, or exceptional natural beauty. Reuters

1 day ago

Disappointing is too mild a term…The big polluters won this time, for the most part.

Frank O’Donnell, president of Clean Air Watch, discusses the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's new regulations on smog. The rule sets the weakest standard in the range recommended by the agency's scientists, suggesting industry influence.

1 day ago

The EPA announces new water pollution rules for power plants. -

The agency is placing restrictions on the release of a host of nasty chemicals—like mercury, arsenic, lead, and selenium—into waterways. When implemented, the new standards could cut the discharge of toxic pollutants by an estimated 1.4 billion pounds every year. The Hill

2 days ago

A Sumatran city orders the evacuation of babies, thanks to air pollution. -

Infants younger than six months old and the mothers have been told to leave the city of PekanbaruForest fires continue to devastate Indonesia, sending choking smog across the nation (and Malaysia and Singapore, too). Pollution levels over 300 are dangerous; the province of Riau's readings have been more than 1,000 for a week. CNN

2 days ago

Health environmentalist Gary Cohen wins a MacArthur Genius Prize. -

Mixing healthcare and environmentalism has its rewards. Cohen is the cofounder and president of Health Care Without Harm, a nonprofit that works to reduce the pollution that hospitals produce, and as a new MacArthur fellow, he'll have $625,000 to spend however he chooses. Washington Post 




2 days ago

The EPA has finalized new emissions rules for oil refineries. -

Refineries now must monitor toxic benzene levels at their border fences and implement new technologies to cut down on smoking flare pollution. The agency estimates the rules could lower associated cancer rates by 15 percent to 20 percent and provide cleaner air for about 1.4 million people living nearby, many of whom are minorities. The Hill




3 days ago

Volkswagen cars aren't the only ones polluting more than we thought. -

A European auto organization tested diesel cars with a system developed by the United Nations to provide more realistic driving conditions and found that some emitted over 10 times more NOx than current regulatory standards show. The EU hopes to introduce the new test in 2017—it can't come soon enough. The Guardian

3 days ago

The majority of conservative Republicans believe in climate change. -

The deniers may be louder, but a new survey conducted by Republican pollsters finds 54 percent of self-described conservative Republicans accept that the global climate is changing and think humans are playing a role. New York Times

4 days ago