There was nothing you could do but run.

—Roger Arias Sanchez, an oil rig worker, recalling an explosion in the Gulf of Mexico this morning that killed four people and injured 16. No word yet on how much oil may have spilled into the Gulf. (Sounds familiar.)

3 hours ago

The idea of your nice little green grass getting lots of water every day, that’s going to be a thing of the past.

California Governor Jerry Brown announced unprecedented mandatory water restrictions today, which will cut the state's water use by 25 percent over the next nine months.

4 hours ago

Shell is one step closer to drilling the Arctic. -

The Department of the Interior has reaffirmed the company's drilling leases in the Chukchi Sea—despite Shell's questionable history in the Arctic and a 75 percent chance(!) of a major spill. Next, the plan goes to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management for review. (Hopefully, the bureau's math is better.) Reuters

7 hours ago

If you're planting a garden for bees and butterflies, don't use pesticides that will kill bees and butterflies.

Sage advice from Kristin Schleiter, senior curator at the New York Botanical Garden, on how to garden for wildlife

1 day ago

The United States is running out of places to keep oil. -

Thanks to the fracking boom, we're pumping so much that storage facilities may not be able to keep up. The squeeze could make storage too pricey for oil speculators, decreasing demand and driving oil prices even lower. NPR

1 day ago

The EPA says frackers use almost 700 different chemicals. -

The agency got its data on the mysterious cocktails drilling companies pump into the ground from FracFocus, a website backed by the oil and gas industry and used in just 20 states. So that 700 total could actually be an underestimate. The Hill

2 days ago

The World Health Organization says glyphosphate probably causes cancer. -

The chemical—once classified as a possible carcinogen but then cleared by the EPA—is the most widely used herbicide in the world and the active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup. New York Times

2 days ago