Endangered bighorn sheep numbers get a lift from helicopters. -

California's Fish and Wildlife Department is bringing the animals back to their historic range by using whirlybirds to bypass the forests and mountain lions en route to the sheeps' rocky, open habitat. The population for this subspecies in the Sierra Nevada has already grown from 100 to 600. National Geographic

6 hours ago

Climate change can no longer be denied—or ignored. The world is looking to the United States—to us—to lead. And that’s what we’re doing.  

President Obama, who used his weekly radio address this morning to speak about the threat of climate change and the need to protect the planet for future generations

10 hours ago

Mexico announces better protections for endangered porpoises. -

The country will crack down on illegal fishing, which often accidentally ensares these small cetaceans, and ban gill nets for two years while safer alternatives are developed. Fewer than 100 vaquitas remain. New York Times

1 day ago

Rubber plantations are putting tropical forests at risk. -

A new study estimates that by 2024, the rising demand for tires will clear an additional 8.5 milion hectares—an area the size of Austria—of forest in southeast Asia, threatening wildlife such as the clouded leopard and white-shouldered ibis. BBC

1 day ago

CEOs are asking the United Nations for an ambitious climate agreement. -

In a letter to the intergovernmental organization, 43 CEOs with operations in more than 150 countries pledged to cut the emissions of their own companies—including Ikea, Unilever, and Toshiba—and called for countries to put a price on carbon dioxide. The Hill

1 day ago

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is developing standards for organic aquaculture. -

The E.U., Canada, and other countries already sell organic fish and shellfish, but the United States is still playing catchup. If the agency moves quickly, organic seafood could hit grocery stores in two years. Associated Press

1 day ago

If people knew that their order of shrimp cocktail came with a side of government-authorized sea turtle, they would be horrified.

Eric Bilsky, a lawyer with marine conservation group Oceana, which is suing the federal government over the estimated 500,000 endangered or threatened sea turtles injured each year by shrimp nets

2 days ago

Obama's climate rule heads to court. -

Coal companies and coal-producing states are challenging the proposed EPA regulation that would rein in carbon pollution from power plants and expand renewable energy. The case may get thrown out, since the final version of the rule isn't due out until this summer. New York Times

2 days ago

A House bill could hinder the EPA's efforts to review toxic chemicals. -

An agency official says the proposed update to the Toxic Substances Control Act would “delay evaluations for some of the most dangerous chemicals indefinitely” by allowing industry groups to tie up EPA resources with requests to review innocuous ones. The Hill

3 days ago

Armed rangers now guard the world's last male northern white rhino 24/7. -

His horn has been removed to deter poachers, who have driven the subspecies' numbers down to just five. Biologists hope the solitary bull will reproduce with one of four surviving females. Huffington Post 

3 days ago