Jason Bittel

Jason Bittel

Bittel writes the Species Watch column for Earthwire. He also contributes to National Geographic, The Week, and Slate, and serves up science for picky eaters on his website, Bittel Me This. He lives in Pittsburgh with his wife and two tiny wolves. (Note: Wolves may be Pomeranians.)


  • Richard B. Aronson and James B. McClintock

    Invasion of the Body Smashers

    Thanks to warming waters off Antarctica, king crabs are plundering seas they haven’t been able to reach since the Jurassic era.

  • Bernard Dupont

    Net Effect

    Fishermen are throwing back green sea turtles with tumors on them, which may be weakening the Caribbean population.

  • Dennis Hill/Flickr

    Power of the People

    Crowdsourcing could cut conservation costs for boring, uncharismatic, or ugly species.

  • Kevin Schafer, Fundación Caja Mediterráneo via Flickr

    The Great Boto Botch Job

    How a brilliant marketing move led to the slaughter of thousands of pink river dolphins.

  • Matt Watts

    Polly Want a DNA Test?

    A new study looks at how genetic analysis can help fight the exotic pet trade.