Jeff Turrentine

onEarth's Culture & Politics columnist, Turrentine is a former editor at Architectural Digest. He is also a frequent contributor to Slate, The Washington Post, The New York Times Book Review, and other publications.


  • pluckytree/Flickr

    Apocalypse Soon

    In the budding cli-fi genre, dystopian settings can be real-life motivators.

  • Mike Mozart/Flickr

    The Public Transit Paradox

    Gas is crazy cheap. Car sales are through the roof. So why isn’t taxpayer support for mass transit tanking?

  • Don't Mess with the Bull Moose

    News flash: Our public lands already belong to “the people.” And we have a he-man Republican rancher to thank for it.

  • .Martin./Flickr

    Denying the Deniers

    The Paris climate agreement just took away one of climate skeptics’ favorite arguments for inaction.

  • Anthony Quintano/Flickr

    Bright Lights? Big Cities.

    The bullet train coming out of Paris will be making all local stops—as well it should.