Jeff Turrentine

onEarth's articles editor, Turrentine is a former editor at Architectural Digest. He is also a frequent contributor to Slate, The Washington Post, The New York Times Book Review, and other publications.



    Stalking the Sustainability Unicorn

    What will be “the Uber of saving the planet?” (And, um, how do we get in on the ground floor?).

  • Richard Yeh/WNYC via Flickr

    Mind the Gap

    Millennials don’t just communicate differently from their baby boomer parents—they commute differently, too.

  • The Old College Try

    Students are pushing their schools to divest from fossil-fuel companies. Administrations are pushing back. History tells us who will win.

  • Ali Eminov/Flickr

    NIMBY By Any Other Name

    Light-rail proponents in Maryland just won support from their Republican governor. Why is a self-styled “environmental” group standing in their way?

  • Peter French/Flickr

    Painting the Town Purple

    A new generation of conservative pundits is cheerfully blurring the line between red and blue—by embracing smart growth and New Urbanism.