Jeff Turrentine

onEarth's articles editor, Turrentine is a former editor at Architectural Digest. He is also a frequent contributor to Slate, The Washington Post, The New York Times Book Review, and other publications.


  • Louis Vest

    Toxic Two-Step

    When politicians and corporate polluters step onto the dance floor in Texas, the state’s environmental agency provides the music.

  • madlyinlovewithlife

    When to Bet Against the House

    Will the threat of water shortages be enough to convince Vegas to stop gambling on overdevelopment?

  • Catholic Church England and Wales

    Forgive Them, Father

    As Pope Francis prepares to deliver a powerful message on climate change, deniers are beginning to realize they haven’t got a prayer.

  • Beauty and the Best

    Don't be fooled by superficial good looks: If you truly love food, you’ll accept it as-is, blemishes and all.

  • Trying on Sustainability

    The companies that make and sell most of the world’s clothing insist they want to operate without endangering workers, polluting waterways, or using toxic chemicals. But clean...