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AUDIO SLIDESHOW: Urban Farming in Africa

image of Jaime Bedrin

Some 15 million Africans abandon the countryside every year in pursuit of better lives in the city. Climate change and further desertification will only exacerbate the trend. How will these ballooning urban populations survive? OnEarth articles editor Jocelyn C. Zuckerman and photographer Antonio Bolfo traveled to Kenya and Ghana, where they found that the best strategy is sowing seeds right in the heart of cities, where the people live. See Bolfo's photos and hear Zuckerman tell journalist Jaime Bedrin about their trip in this audio slideshow, then read "The Constant Gardeners" in OnEarth's Winter 2012 issue.

image of Jaime Bedrin
Jaime Bedrin is a freelance journalist with experience in TV, print, and radio. She spent five years as a reporter/host at the public radio station in Charlotte, N.C., (and also wrote a beauty products column for the local paper), and was a fill-in h... READ MORE >