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Seal of Disapproval

This crop circle in a Nebraska cornfield is sending a not-so-cryptic message to President Obama.

Photo: Bold Nebraska

I've got a feeling aliens didn't create this crop circle. Nope. This was the work of homegrown Nebraskans, who mowed, taped, shoveled, and raked for eight days to send a message to their president, the man who will either give the nod or the nay to the Keystone XL project. The proposed pipeline would allow a Canadian company to bring tar sands oil from Alberta through the American heartland to refineries on the Gulf Coast. The president has said the decision will come down to what's best for the country—which includes considering the climate change consequences of burning Canada's dirty crude. 

More than 100 Nebraskan landowners are locked in court battles over eminent domain, refusing to hand their property over to a foreign company. As Americans wait for a decision from the State Department, these 15 acres of farmland are letting some of our voices be heard loud and clear. 

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